Fit For Kings are proud not only of the awesome results we achieve with our clients, but the atmosphere in which these are carried out.


Below are just a few testimonials we have received, not only are we excited to share these with you but our clients are proud also to share not only their achievements but their Fit For Kings experience.



Matt Pritchard


"From the moment I walked in the door at Fit For Kings I knew that I'd found the place where I would be able to change my body for ever. I'd trained at other gyms previously but had never been to a specific strength and conditioning studio before. I was met by friendly faces at the front counter and asked a few questions about why I was there. I’d always wanted to get involved in weightlifting and strength training but had been hesitant to walk up and speak to a trainer in one of those places because of my beginner status and I didn’t want to be pushed away because of it.


At FFK I was welcomed as a beginner and Jarrett explained that in his studio (The Lion’s Den) everyone is part of the family. No matter how big or small you or your goals are you’re just as important and welcome as everyone else. FFK are honest about goal setting and most importantly trained me as a beginner to train safely to ensure that I go home in one piece every time. As much as I would have loved to knock out gigantic numbers on the bars from week one, I’ve benefited from being taught correct techniques first, which has allowed me to achieve gains very quickly that I never would have thought possible.


My favourite part of training at FFK is the family culture. Everyone says hello, there is no judgement and most importantly the trainers are committed to maintaining that culture. FFK has given me the opportunity to build the strength and physique that I’ve always wanted. I highly recommend that if you are looking to learn how to build and maintain a strong body you need to book a session with a FFK trainer."

Sami Vodopianoff


"I approached Fit For Kings in July 2013 during a 12 week challenge, I needed help desperately, I was over weight, smoked, drank every weekend and was depressed with my lifestyle. They took me in and helped me regain my confidence, each day I could feel a difference at first, but to start to see the weight come off with pictures and measurements over the 12 week challenge was truly amazing. I managed to lose 16KG over 12 weeks time, with diet and exercise. Quit smoking and reduced my drinking dramatically.

2014 was a tough year, I started lifting heavy weights to make myself feel stronger and to get some definition. Unfortunately due to some personal set backs I wasn't able to enter in a few competitions throughout this year. I didn't stop training though, I had the support of Jarrett and the wonderful team that has been created at Fit For Kings. 

2015 has been incredible so far, I've regained my strength back and I have entered into my first strongman competition taking out second place in the over 82kg women's event for my team. This was a great day for me, the support from my team was phenomenal. I'm excited for many more competitions to come. 

One thing that I love about the Fit For King gym, is that everyone is lovely and polite, they take care of the equipment we use, we have respect for each other, we have the BEST support unit. Jarrett and Kelly have created a truly amazing, loving environment and I'm proud to be apart of it. 
I found my journey so far to be wonderful, like a rollercoaster, ups and downs BUT I wouldn't have managed if it wasn't for Fit For Kings and having a personal trainer pushing you each week.

I would highly recommend Fit For Kings to everyone that wants to reach their true potential, weight loss, strength and even just getting your confidence back. They listen to your needs and wants, they work around what's best for YOU, they give great support and are always willing to go the extra mile if you WANT IT. It all starts with you, want the best chance, it's with Fit For Kings!"

Tash Alderman


"Fit For Kings has really raised the bar as a unique and top class training facility, it provides premium level strength and training equipment, venue amenities and layout, and the very professional and knowledgeable staff. They support and push you to achieve your goals in more ways than one. It’s not just a Training Centre but a little community where you don't feel like you have to fit into a certain mould, there are people of all shapes and sizes just getting on with smashing their work out!

I highly recommend Fit for Kings to anyone looking to work on strength and conditioning and fitness, they’ve helped me achieve so many fitness goals I would never have thought I was capable of!"

Narelle Hunt


"I have never been really keen on going to the gym as I find them large and impersonal. I have been lucky enough to have known Kelly for a very long time and when she decided on a career change into personal fitness I decided to give Personal Training a try. I loved the personal approach. Then came outdoor ViPR and then came Fit for Kings. I now try and work out there at least three times a week. I find it a friendly, supportive and fun place to be. Since I began working with Kelly I have lost over 10 kgs and have changed body shape.


I would recommend Fit for Kings to anyone keen to set and achieve some personal fitness and health goals in a wonderfully supportive environment. No matter what you want to achieve there is someone there who will work with you to make sure you smash those goals."

Owen McDonald


"I am often asked why I travel all the way out to Rutherford just to train. It’s a fair question to ask; I live in East Maitland, work in Newcastle, and my employer provides me with full access to nearly every gym in the Hunter valley for no extra cost. 


The simple answer is quality. 

I have known Kelly and Jarrett since before they opened Fit for Kings and been witness to the high standard of their Personal Training some time. When they announced their plans to take Fit for Kings to its own independently run facility, I was very excited. I knew they would selflessly put everything they had into making their facility the perfect training environment for their clients. They exceeded this expectation from day one.


At Fit for Kings there is one goal that everyone adheres to; hard serious work. Every trainee trains to become as strong as possible while supporting others to do the same. Every trainee has their program written by some of the best qualified and most experienced Personal Trainers in the industry. Every trainee takes their program seriously and leaves their ego at the door. Every trainee is guaranteed the support of all others when they attempt a new personal best. Yet every trainee can relax and have fun and not worry about anyone else judging them.


Fit for Kings is not a gym. Instead Kelly and Jarrett (along with the other staff)  have set out to offer something not found at a large gym. Their service is personalised, and rewards those who persevere and work hard. That is why I will continue travelling to Rutherford for my weights training."