Small Group Sessions

Small group fitness sessions are especially becoming a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to personal training & their traditional gym workouts.


Strongman is one of the fastest growing sports for those wanting to push themselves that little harder & experience a different kind of strength based training.

Strongman, which is also open too & very popular amongst the women is a complete body workout based around lifting, pressing, carrying & loading objects that are very different to your standard weights within the gym.

Strongman is a sport that harnesses greatly on technique, whether this be breathing, foot position &/or weight distribution of an awkward style object, being strong alone isn't enough to have you successfully train in this style. For those interested in participating in these classes, a sound foundation of strength is required & must be demonstrated prior to involvement, this is in order to help prevent injury, your safety & the safety of others.  



Our Zombiefit Classes are a circuit based class run by fully qualified personal trainers that focuses on strength & conditioning designed to push you to your individual limits & beyond. There is no need to keep up with the person next to you, simply it's "you v's you". Each week these classes are programmed to add variety to your workout, Our Zombiefit classes are never the same, so be warned you'll never know what to expect.

Classes are split into 2 different difficulty levels, we at Fit For Kings offer a Beginners/Intermediate class & a Intermediate/Advanced Class, either way you'll get in what you put out. Prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse, get fit, fast & strong.


In addition to general fitness, kids learn critical skills needed for development, such as balance and coordination, how to improve their functional movement patterns, cardiovascular efficiency and all the while having a good time.
Using games for children is a fun way to help kids participate in interval training, boost their heart rates and get them laughing.
*a simple obstacle course including mountain climbers, jumping jacks and single leg balance hops can get kids’ minds moving as well as their bodies.
*a simple relay race including jumping jacks, running, skipping and side stepping can build speed, agility & improve confidence.

The age of the kids in this particular class is from around 9 years up to 14 years.... I should point out that kids should be mature enough to follow instructions, be a great listener and a team player