Programming & Coaching


So personal training isn't exactly what your chasing you have been going to the gym for years & you know how to lift weights, right? But hitting your workout with no idea on how to actually achieve your goals isn't working out for you either, you end up walking around the gym mindlessly trying to decide what you'll train, maybe legs, maybe chest & back, your comfortable to do the same workout you did last week with no real challenge, no increase in your PB's or goals, maybe you just turn around & walk back out the door & you wonder what it is your actually achieving, does this sound like you ?


Let Fit For Kings do all the hard work for you, all you will be required to do is show up & train, In 3 easy steps we can have you on the road to success!

Fit For Kings can help with our programming & coaching option.


So what is involved & how can you get started training with purpose?


  • Step One - Initial Consultation

Fit For Kings will arrange for you to meet with one of our qualified trainers, during this session you will go through goal setting & what it is your training towards. Your trainer can then gauge an idea on the best suited program for your individual needs. 

30mins approx


  • Step Two - Testing & Technique

Your trainer will then go on to work you through a testing session to gain knowledge on your technique, ability & base strength, from there your trainer will begin to develop your program &/or split that will have you working towards your goals.

1 hour session


  • Step Three - Program Training Session

Your trainer will then work through your individual training program to ensure that you are comfortable with all the exercises & weights that have been designed & calculated for you. They will also ensure that your technique is up to speed increasing your ability to perform the program successfully, this will not only result in benefits to training program but an increase of confidence that you will be training for success.

1-2 x 1 hour sessions


The added bonus with a Programming & Coaching Package


  • Programs are designed for each individual, they are not a computer generated or generic program

  • Programs are based on your individual goals

  • Programs can be undertaken either at Fit For Kings Training Centre or your trainer can tailor this to work in with your current gym membership, home or even offer outdoor options

  • Programs can be designed to complement your Personal Training sessions or sporting commitments 

  • Programs are based on your individual progress & outcomes from the previous week & overloaded or deloaded accordingly

  • Programs are forwarded on a weekly basis by your trainer