Personal Training


Here at Fit For Kings, we think personal training is for everyone. It should be treated as an investment in one’s body rather than a luxury because it’s one of the best ways to reach your health and fitness goals, live longer, be stronger & take advantage of what life throws at you.


As experienced personal trainers, we believe the services that we offer should be all about you, with a variety of options available when it comes to our training services, you will be more than able to find something that fits your lifestyle, schedule & individual goals.


So what is personal training & how can it help you?


Personal training is a commitment that ensures that you stay on track with your health & fitness goals, an appointment with yourself & one of our trainers will help you in a wide variety of ways, these include;


  • A regular scheduled training session, do you lack the drive & motivation to simply turn up to your training? Or find you get too busy & make excuses as to why you don't have time? Booking in with a trainer ensures that you stay focused & committed to yourself, there is a reason why you want to get fitter, get stronger & get healthier, why? Because you haven't taken time out for yourself in the past & as a result you find that you are simply unhappy with where you currently are.


  • Goal setting, why is it that you find yourself dissatisfied? This can be a result of many different reasons

    • Maybe you have put on a few too many kgs

    • You have lost your strength

    • You have lost too much weight

    • You can't keep up with the kids

    • Your strength & conditioning is lacking over the sporting off season

    • You are wanting to get ready for competition e.g. obstacle races, marathons, powerlifting, bodybuilding or strongman 

    • You have an important event fast approaching & you want to look & feel your best


What ever the reason maybe, whether you are an athlete or not, the trainers at Fit For Kings will sit down with you & ensure the reason you are training is not only reflected in your training program but you are working towards your individual goal & nobody else's.


  • Nutritional advise, do you struggle with diet & what it is you should be eating in order to achieve your goals? Not only can your trainer assist with your calorie intake, but your macro nutrient break down, food planning & variety when it comes to food selection.


  • Accountability, how important are your goals & what it is you want to achieve? Our trainers at Fit For Kings will keep you on track, all personal training sessions are designed to adhere to your individual goals & are recorded to measure the progress you want to see, there is nothing more satisfying then seeing your weight/measurements go up or down, strength increase, fitness levels improve & simply see how far you have come.


What is the Fit For Kings difference?


The difference is simply 'YOU', why?


  • The personal trainers at Fit For Kings work to your schedule & your goals

  • Our trainers are punctual, always on time for your session, never cancelling at the last minute

  • You are the focus of every training session not what's going on around you

  • Every session is programmed & planned prior to your session start

  • Our trainers never carry phones or encourage disruptions, whilst your session is in place

  • Your session is one on one or with a friend, never over booked with strangers or crowded

  • Our trainers work closely with you on your strengths & weaknesses

  • Our trainers are always there to lift you up not knock you when your down

  • Our trainers are realistic with their approach to your individual needs

  • And last but not least our trainers will design your session for you, not what they think you should be doing, not what they feel like doing with you, not based on what equipment is available & will never create your session on the spot. You are what matters & nothing else.




Strength & Conditioning

This type of training uses muscles through weight increases & a variety of exercises as well as equipment to target specific muscle groups. When performed properly & with correct technique this type of training provides significant health benefits including increased bone density, muscle, tendon & ligament strength, improved joint function, metabolism, fitness & cardiac output just to name a few. Strength & conditioning training is particularly beneficial for most training goals & something that we focus on highly within Fit For Kings Training Centre, training with weights will not only have you loving the new physique your are building but will have your body reaping the increased health benefits that come with it. 

Fat Loss

Weight Loss V's Fat Loss, What is the difference?

Most people get confused when it comes to these two completely different outcomes & focus way to hard on what the scales are telling them. Weight when measuring via scales is the sum of your bones, muscles, organs & fat, almost everyone when wanting to loose weight actually want to decrease the fat that the body is carrying, at times this is difficult to measure with scales as the most efficient way of losing body fat is in fact weight training which increase the muscle density, this can be miss leading on the scales, we at Fit For Kings will focus more on your body measurements if fat loss is your goal, a loss in cm's will be more important than decreases on the scales.

Muscle Gain

Weight Gain V's Muscle Gain, once again two completely different outcomes, weight gain is generally caused by an increase in food consumption whether this be nutritional or not & a decrease in physical activity, on the other hand muscle gain is best achieved when there is an increase in food consumption that is beneficial to the bodies functionality & a continuation of training specifically weight training. This balance at times can be very difficult to achieve when you are unsure of the specific requirements when looking to gain muscle & not body fat. We at Fit For Kings can assist not only with the correct nutritional advice but ensure your body is fueled correctly to allow your muscles & strength to increase throughout your training program.