What is a Fit For Kings Member?


A FFKs Member has individual goals!

Whether you are looking to loose weight, gain muscle, increase strength, gain weight, get fit or simple improve your health it doesn't matter, your goals are yours.


A FFKs Member trains!

All of our members are working to their individual goals, working to a program that suits them, our members walk through the doors & know exactly what it is they are working towards, exercising without a plan is only a plan to fail.


A FFKs Member leaves their ego at the door!

All of our members are in an environment where everyone is equal & egos are not tolerated, at Fit For Kings we lift others up, help when required & support all those around us.


A FFKs Member has respect!

All those that train at Fit For Kings respect not only their fellow trainees but the trainers, equipment & facility. This means those training, fit in with other people around them, take on advise & knowledge offered by our trainers who are always there willing to help & all weights/equipment have a home which are returned after use.  


A FFKs Member trusts the process!

All those that train at Fit For Kings work hard with a plan, sometimes you have to take 2 steps backwards in order to move forward, this could be for a variety of reasons but your trainer has a plan & your goals in mind. Our trainers don't set you up to fail they ensure you smash out your desired goals & move beyond what you thought possible.


A FFKs Member never gives up!

The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg, it's not about the circumstance but rather what you're made of. At FFKs our members are ready to move forward & show exactly what they are made of, determination, desire, dedication & a strength from within.